Monday, February 25, 2008

Life keeps comin' at ya!!

Yep, no matter what you do, and how much you wish it wouldn't, Life just keeps comin' at ya!! Thanks to the constant encouragement (um, nagging) of Rach, I am adding an entry. (You know I love you Rachel, and am sooo looking forward to this weekend!!)

First of all, March's kit is up at More Than Scrapbooking! It has mostly Autumn Leaves Rhonna Farrer French Twist stuff in it! Oooh La La!! Check it out!!

Just a few of the things that are going on around here - first of all, we did some major rearranging of our house. I am a gypsy at heart, and could truthfully move to a different house/state every year, but my dear hubby loves to stay in one spot. Before this house, the longest that we were in a house was 5 1/2 years. In July, we will have been in our house for 8 years! That's a record! So, instead of us moving, we just moved a couple of bedrooms around. Our house is a rambler with a basement. On the main floor is 3 bedrooms, and in the basement, we have 3 bedrooms. It's been nice, because each child has their own bedroom, and I have a scrapbook room. Well, I had outgrown my sb room, especially with all the mailing boxes, and kit supplies from More Than Scrapbooking, so I decided to take over Devin's room in the basement. My sb room was the smallest bedroom in the house. Carly's room was right across the hall from the master bedroom, so we moved Carly into my sb room, and Devin into Carly's old room. Before we moved all of Devin's stuff into her new room, I painted it. Then we moved all of my stuff down to my new sb room, and boy do I have soooo much room down there!! Plus a nice sized walk-in closet that I can put my mailing boxes and kit supplies in! Here are the before and after pictures of Devin's room!

I am heading up to scrap the day away on Saturday with some wonderful friends (some I have met, some I haven't), and am sooo looking forward to it! These ladies have already won my heart, and I wish that we all lived closer to each other so that we could get together more often!! C'mon Saturday!!

Oh, for Valentine's day, my wonderful hubby, Willie, gave me a plane ticket to fly down to Arizona to scrapbook with my cousin/bff Jana. He is such a good guy!!

Thursday, January 31, 2008

On-Line Crop!!

No pictures this time, just a big announcement!! I am getting sooo excited about More Than Scrapbooking's first on-line crop!! It is tomorrow, February 1, for 24 straight hours, from 5 pm (mst) til Saturday, February 2, at the same time. There will be games (B-I-N-G-O, for one), challenges, and prizes!! One of the prizes is a Pull-EZ ribbon purse stuffed with over $100 worth of ribbon! The grand prize is a Crop-o-dile II!! You don't even have to submit any layouts to win some of the prizes! Just log on, and come in and chat with us!! (Sorry, you have to provide your own snacks...) Hope to see you all there!!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

New Look!

I decided to update this blog! One reason why, is I added an ad from a favorite site of mine,! I have tried to make Sunday's a little different for my family, than every other day of the week. In theory, the kids are not playing video games, we don't play with friends, we don't watch regular TV or cartoons, go to the store, basically things that we can do every other day of the week. Well, one thing that I have found that helps, are these wonderful movies that Lightstone has made. These movies have singing, a lot of humor, great scriptural stories, and they really help to bring the proper Spirit to our Sabbath days. The kids even like them, and we all enjoy singing the great songs that are in them.

My awesome friend Jaime Lea (When I grow up, I want to be just like her), and her friend Rachel (whom I get to meet in March!!!) have great, inspiring blogs. I really need to learn to get my feelings and thoughts out as well as they do. You ladies truly are an inspiration to me!!

My parents sent me a picture of my Dad from when he was very young. In the picture, he is standing with some of his cousins. When I saw this picture, I know that I wanted to scrap it. So, I am including the page that I made with this picture. My layout is entitled "Mis Primos" or My Cousins. Love you Dad!! I'm soooo grateful for my wonderful Heritage!!

And lastly, can't forget More Than Scrapbooking!! We are having our first on-line crop (scrapbooking party) on Friday, February 1st, at 5 pm (Mountain Time) until Saturday, February 2nd, at 5 pm. A FUN 24-hour crop!! There will be lots of challenges, and of course PRIZES!!! Oh! posted is a picture of the February 2008 kit.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Catch up if you can...

Ok, I know that the title is supposed to say "Catch me if you can", but I think that I would be very easy to catch... I'm a little behind in life right now, but I've decided not to try to catch up with anyone, but just to stretch and do better each day.

We had great Holidays, basically good health, and we enjoyed being together as a family and playing with all of our new toys and games.

We found out yesterday that we will be having a new GRANDSON join our family sometime in May! We're excited to spoil the little booger!

Now, I am loving my new site! I am hoping that more people join the fun over there, and check out what a good job Paul Foote, of Rakan Design, did with More Than Scrapbooking! There are only a few more days to order the fabulous BoBunny Love album kit!! Hurry over!!

Monday, December 31, 2007

New Site, New Year!!

Wow! I can't believe that 2007 is actually over!! What an awesome year it's been! The 2 biggest things that happened this year were: buying More Than Scrapbooking, and finding out that I'm going to be a Grandma in May!! Both excited new adventures in my life!! Paul Foote, of Rakan Design, designed my new site! He put soooo much into it (money, time, talent, sleepless nights, etc.), but the end result if truly worth it!!! Thanks Paul! For those of you that familiar with "My Space", More Than Scrapbooking offers the huge social network (with forum, blogs, etc.), plus the usual fun monthly scrapbooking kit club. If you haven't yet, go check us out!!

I hope that everyone has a wonderful and SAFE Happy New Year!!!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Sorry Jaime, It's Winter, and it's hard for me to be Patient!!

Ok, so the title has 3 parts to it! First, Jaime Lea has complained that I don't post in my blog enough. That's true. I do need to step up and post more! Sorry Jaime!!

Second, It is Winter here! We live so close to the mountains, that we get more snow than in the valleys, and it lasts longer here. Our front window faces the mountains, and there is always a beautiful view out there, whether it is cloudy or not.

Then, thirdly, it really is hard to be patient sometimes!! My website, More Than Scrapbooking has been worked on for a few months now, and is basically ready, but we keep hitting hurdles. Paul Foote, of Rakan Design, has been so wonderful to work with, and has given me much more than I am paying for. But, I am soooo ready for the fun to begin! Be looking for the grand opening!!!

Friday, October 26, 2007

New Found Friends to New Phase in Life!!

I had the wonderful opportunity last month to go to Las Vegas with Emily Short (Chickypie)(one of my Design Team) to attend Memory Trends! The show itself was not impressive. I placed orders for my November and December kits (both of which were messed up in the transition after the show), and I found a BeAuTiFuL new line of paper that I want to use for my January kit. Hmmmm, do you think that I want to tell you what it is? :) I guess you will have to stay tuned!

The definite highlights of the trip were: Meeting (in person) Jaime Lea (jaimelynne)(also on my Design Team), and spending a lot of time with her. Jaime lives in Las Vegas and was such a wonderful tour guide, and chauffeur. We had so much fun with her, and I wish that I could have had so much more time to spend with her! She is such a beautiful, fun lady!

The next highlight was being able to meet Cheryl Nelson (cheryljunegirl)(another Design Team Member), and to be able to invite ourselves to attend the SOY (Scrapbooker of the Year) Awards Banquet, to be there to support Cheryl! She was one of the top ten SOY finalists for this year! And it is well-deserved! She, like all the members of my Design Team, has amazing talent!!!

And, another fun highlight of the trip was being able to meet Lisa Bearnson, the head of Creating Keepsakes. She rode on the plane down to Vegas with Emily and I, and we introduced ourselves to her in the Las Vegas airport. Then, we saw her at the keynote address that night (Stacy Julian spoke, another amazing lady), and that's when we invited ourselves to the awards banquet. She was gracious enough to let us attend and then was impressed that there were seats enough to accomodate us! Hmmm, must have been meant to be!

Now, on to the new Phase in Life!!

My baby is not a baby anymore!! Carly, who just turned 6 in September, just lost her first tooth!!! I never thought that I would be to this point in my life, and at 46, I would have thought that all of my kids would have been older! But, I know that there is a Master Plan, and Someone who knows me better than I do is watching over me all the time. So, now that my baby is growing up, I guess that it is time for me to do the same!! :)